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art bells energy antenna

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Art Bell Describes 400volts of Potential Created By His Loop Antenna
AB: I have a large antenna, one wire, two thousand foot loop, at 100 feet high, with welded wire mesh grounding below it... I get 400 volts on a clear day, and I had to come up with a device to get rid of that potential.
Free energy!
AB: I will be making a loop to go around 5 acres or so. I am telling you there is power coming from somewhere.
A good friend of mine took conductive copper wire from 1000 foot elevation to 500 foot elevation, with coils, and he got useable energy off that. The energy is coming from somewhere, and could be drawn off. This is from one version of an energy device. Sometimes these things happen purely by accident.
AB: 400 volts knocked me on my butt a few times. I put a device in there to take all that current to ground. It shocked me a lot. That power is coming from somewhere. Even the power lines around here are very low voltage, very unlikely this kind of voltage would develop. I called the power company to ask them, and you must have a bunch of long lines that are unterminated, do you measure large voltages? They said no, they must be grounded, that is by code. They just ground them to ignore this potential.
When you have intense solar activity, it can cause transients that
The woodpecker may have caused a power failure in quebec.
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